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Jessica Emery
• 3/19/2018

Is Valentine really Ross’s child?

We’ve all asked the question... Is Valentine Ross’s son, or George’s? There is fifty fifty chance he isn’t Ross's. Of course back then, no one had anyway of knowing whether one man was the father or if it was the other. What are your thoughts?
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Jessica Emery
• 6/14/2018
No, I don't think he is, because he has the same dark curly hair like Ross
• 7/6/2018
I think it is a 99% of being Ross’s because of the thing said in the church
• 7/29/2018
He is Ross's - no doubt. Not premature - and elizabeth would not have slept with George before the wedding - not in them days!
• 8/26/2018
I believe he is Ross's son.
• 11/1/2018

They talk about it in series 3 and 4. Ross and Elizabeth have to come up with a plan so George no longer suspects Valentine of not being his. This, of course, results in a tragic ending for the family.

• 1/25/2019

Yes! Isn't supposed to be an open secret or something? I think Ross must know Valentine is his, in this picture he seems to give him a knowing smiling. I'm not able to help but to think that Ross must love and to acknowledge Valentine as his son, but doesn't want to hurt Demelza anymore then he already did with his betrayal of sleeping with Elizabeth in the first place? I wonder if Demelza could ever accept Valentine anyway?

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