Caroline Enys (née Penvenen) was an heiress and the only niece of Ray Penvenen. She was also the wife of Dwight Enys. Following the death of Ray, she inherited the Penvenen fortune and eventually had a daughter, Sarah Enys who passed away.


Early Life

Caroline was an orphan taken in by her extremely wealthy uncle Ray Penvenen and became the Heir to the Penvenen fortune, since he had no children.

Meeting Dwight

Caroline was an orphan taken in by her extremely wealthy uncle Ray. She befriends Ross and Demelza Poldark, continuingly visiting Nampara often. She met and fell in love with Dwight Enys, a doctor but Ray forbade them from marrying. They decided to elope, but Dwight was late the evening they arranged to meet up and run away. Caroline then went away without him.

Caroline eventually came back to Cornwall, and she and Dwight became close again. She went behind her uncle's back and married Dwight, but he was taken from her to go to war in France since he had signed up to the Royal Navy when he thought she had left forever. Her uncle, Ray, passed away and she inherited the fortunes he had left for her, but she wished to live a simpler life with Dwight.

Along with Ross, they hatch a plan to save Dwight from imprisonment and bring him home, but even though the plan went well, Dwight had changed. He was traumatised from the war and needed time to heal. He eventually healed, and Caroline and Dwight talked about having a child. Caroline wanted one too[1], and they eventually had a daughter, Sarah Enys.[2] Sarah was born with a heart defect and passed away, leaving Caroline in grief. She wanted to hold her even when she had passed[3], and later wished she would forget that Sarah died.

No longer thinking she was meant to be a mother, Caroline became cold and spent time away from Dwight. She began spending a lot of time away from Cornwall and Dwight, but he eventually appealed to her and she went home, but determined that she would not have another child.[4]

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