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Francis Charles Poldark, Esquire JP (1760-1792[1]) was the Master of Trenwith. He was the owner of Wheal Grambler, and later became a co-owner of Wheal Grace.

He was the son of Charles Poldark, brother of Verity Poldark, first husband of Elizabeth Poldark, the father of Geoffrey Charles Poldark.


Early life

Francis was born in 1760. He was the second child of Charles and Verity Poldark (née Michell). He had an elder sister called Verity too.[1]

Francis and Ross Poldark were very close growing up. Sometime during their childhood, Ross saved Francis from drowning because he had not learned to swim.[2]

In 1780, Francis attended a birthday party for his great-aunt, Agatha Poldark. He, Ross and George watched Elizabeth Chynoweth dancing and wondered who would be lucky enough to marry her and begin a family. He and George thought it would "always be Ross".[3]

Later that year, Ross was in a brawl and joined the Royal Army instead of facing prison time. He was soon believed to be dead and was missing for two years. Francis and Elizabeth, Ross's sweetheart, fell in love. He eventually proposed to her and she accepted.[4]


In September 1783, Ross came home during Francis and Elizabeth's engagement dinner. He heard Francis was engaged and congratulated him, before asking who he was engaged to. He was disappointed to find out it was Elizabeth, and Francis began to feel awkward and insecure. He spoke to Elizabeth and told her that even though he was less brave and interesting than Ross, he loved her and would love her forever. Elizabeth told Francis that she could not wait until she was married to him, and he began crying in joy.[4]

Francis later found Ross at Wheal Leisure to apologise for taking Elizabeth. He told Ross how Charles was concerned about him and wanted him to think about going elsewhere to begin a new life. He could not help falling in love and that he and Elizabeth thought he was dead. Ross grew angry and began shouting, causing Francis to fall into the water in the mine. Ross thought about leaving Francis but eventually helped him back up.[4]


Francis soon married Elizabeth but at the reception, their great-aunt Agatha read tarot cards and announced in vague words, Ross would be set against Francis. Charles thought Francis was a disappointment who was bound to fail in the mining business, and wanted Ross to leave because he would cause Francis to develop even less confidence. Francis was unhappy when he learnt Charles was going to bribe Ross to leave, but he decided he would stay.[4]


Opening Wheal Grace


In April 1793, Francis stayed behind at Wheal Grace in the hope of finally bringing up genuine copper.

He died from his drowning in the mine

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