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Ginevra "Jinny" Carter (neé Martin) was the wife of the late Jim Carter.


Early life

Jinny was the daughter of Mr and Mrs Zacky Martin and lived in a cottage in Nampara. She had eight siblings, including Diego Martin.

In October 1783, she was a tenant who greeted Ross Poldark when he came home.[1]


A few months later, Jinny was the girlfriend of Jim Carter and became pregnant. When Ross Poldark found out, he persuaded them to marry and gave them a cottage in Nampara. Jim was given a promotion so he could provide for her and the baby.

However, Jim had promised them he would stop poaching. Even though he agreed to stop, he still went. Jinny pleaded with Demelza Poldark to help, and Ross agreed to speak to him. Jinny had managed to get Jim to promise to stop poaching, and he said he would following one final expedition.

Unfortunately, Jim was arrested. Jinny went to Nampara House to tell Ross and Demelza. They were unable to persuade the judge to let Jim go. Jim later died, leaving behind Jinny and their two children, Ben Carter and Katie Carter. Demelza Poldark later made her the scullery maid of Nampara.

Job at Nampara

Notes and sources

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