"I am afeard Ross, that I love her too much. That it’ll hurt so much more if things go amiss."
—Demelza speaks about Julia

Julia Grace Poldark (1788 - 1790) was the late daughter of Ross Poldark and Demelza Poldark.


Julia Grace Poldark was born at Nampara House in 1788. Ross wondered how they made something so perfect, and Demelza says she is afeard by how she could love something so much.

Ross then promised to make the world a better place for her and that he will be a better man for her sake. Ross later took his daughter to the coast at sunset.

Demelza later made Julia a little keepsake bracelet. Julia's christening was held at the local church and the reception held at Nampara House.

Demelza held Julia when she spoke to Verity Poldark. They noticed Tom Carne and his new wife arriving. Ross then introduced Tom to Julia.

Demelza went for a walk with Julia where she told her about her family, calling her my lamb before meeting Ross. When Demelza went to town to buy a new cloak for a party, she left Julia with Jinny Carter.

Demelza and Julia later became unwell. Dwight Enys cared for them. However, even though he was able to save Demelza, Julia was too young and unwell. He told her distraught father, who stayed with her until she died. When Demelza woke, she was devastated to find out what had happened to her beloved daughter.

Demelza kept the bracelet she made for Julia and some time later, in acceptance, she paid tribute to her daughter and said her final goodbye, letting the bracelet fly into the wind.

Behind the Scenes

  • Julia was played by Matilda Fitt at the age of 15 months.[1]

Notes and sources

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