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Mark Daniel was a Cornish miner. He was married to Karen Smith who he accidentally killed when he discovered she and Dwight Enys were having an affair.


Early life

Mark Daniel had a brother, Paul Daniel and they lived in a cottage in Nampara belonging to Joshua Poldark, and later Ross Poldark. He was a friend of Ross and a neighbour of Zacky Martin, Mrs Martin, Jim and Jinny Carter.[1]

In March 1783, Joshua died and their cottage began to fall apart due to lack of funding for repairs. In October, he and Paul were talking to their neighbours when Ross got back from the Revolutionary War. Having thought he was dead, they greeted him in surprise and welcomed him back. Mark was intrigued by what he achieved during the war, and Ross told them he would personally repair their cottages. Zacky told Ross they would help repair Nampara for free, but he thought their wages were too low to add free labour too.[1]

Helping Ross


He met a young actress, Keren and fell in love with her. She told him that she only would marry him if he had a home for them both. Ross and his friends helped him to get a little house, and soon after Karen and Mark married. Keren was disappointed when she saw their house, because she used to be wealthy and thought it would be bigger. He loved her deeply, but she didn't have the same feelings for him and started flirting with other men.

She started an affair with Dr. Dwight Enys, after she faked falling from the roof of their house.

Life in hiding

Mark soon found out and broke her neck in the heat of the moment, while fighting. He regretted her death and flew.

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