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Meliora Enys was the youngest child and third daughter of Dwight and Caroline Enys.


Early life

Sophie was the youngest of three daughters born to Dwight and Caroline Enys. Her eldest sister, Sarah died of a heart defect five to six years earlier. Her second doer sister, Sophie was about a year elder than her.[2]

Teenage years

In December 1819, Meliora and her family attended Geoffrey Charles and Amadora Poldark's dinner at Trenwith.[2] In June 1820, she and Sophie spent the day at the beach with Demelza, Clowance and Henry Poldark, and Edward Fitzmaurice.[3] In September 1820, she was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Clowance and Edward.[4]


At the age of fifteen, Meliora was tall in height like Sophie.[2]

Notes and sources

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