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Nampara was the name of land owned by the Poldark family who reside at Nampara House. Following the death of Joshua Poldark, the land was inherited by Ross Poldark. The land was also home to Wheal Leisure and Wheal Grace.


The estate of Nampara included Nampara House, the surrounding land, a couple of mines and a few cottages rented by tenants. The financial affairs were managed by Pascoe Bank.[1]


Joshua Poldark was the earliest known owner of Nampara. He lived at Nampara House. He died in March 1783. He left the estate in ruin. The fallow land was in substantial debt, there were a couple of abandoned derelict mines and a few cottages, and nothing was earning anything.[1]

In September, Ross Poldark returned home from the Revolutionary War and took control of the failing estate. The family banker, Harris Pascoe of Pascoe Bank advised Ross it wasn't worth trying to save. The tenants of Nampara cottages offered to help rebuild Nampara House for free, but Ross declined because they earned low wages at Wheal Grambler.[1]


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Nampara House

Behind the scenes

  • Exterior filming for Nampara including Nampara House and the surrounding land including the estate's cottages, took place at St Breward in Bodmin, Cornwall. Owles and Crowns near Botallack was the location of filming for Wheal Leisure.[2][3]

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