We would be happy if you could read through the rules and keep to them!

1. Write every article as though they actually happened in the past. So Demelza Poldark is not "a character in Poldark" but she "was the Mistress of Nampara". Any pages for the actual show may be exceptions to the rule.

2. Only write about the books on pages for the books. The Wikia is mainly for the TV show, and so other articles should only be written the way it played out on the TV show. Anything you want to note from the books should go in the Behind the Scenes title on each page.

Please remember that due to the rule, we do not update the articles until the show releases the information and the latest episode is played in the UK. So please don't go into the later storylines from the books when it has not played out on the show yet.  

3. Please try to use British English. It's not a great deal, but we want to spelling every article be in line with each other so we don't want one page saying "duelling" and another saying "dueling". Dueling is the way it is spelt in the place where Poldark is filmed and set in, so we will spell it the same way.

4. Please add references to any news about Poldark so we can see it is true and not speculation/made up.

5. When you make/participate in a discussion, please be kind and accept someone else may have another opinion to your own. We try to reach an agreement, so the one with the greater/Admin support will be the one that we go with.

When you make an edit on the Wikia, you are agreeing to the rules.