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The Poldark family were a prominent upper class family from Cornwall.


Earlier history

In the 1690s, Charles Vivian Raffe Poldark of Nampara married Anna Maria Trenwith of Trenwith. They had four children, Agatha, Claude Henry, Mary Ellen and Robert Poldark.Agatha never married and became a spinster while Mary Ellen and Robert died young. Claude Henry married Matilda Ellen Peter sometime in the 1710s. He inherited Trenwith when his father died in 1708. They also had three children, Maria, Charles William and Joshua Poldark.[1]

Maria married Alfred Rupert Johns and had one child, William Alfred Johns who wed Dorothh Glenville and had many children with her. Charles William Poldark inherited Trenwith when his father died in 1748. He married Verity Michell, who was twenty one years younger than him, in the 1750s. They had two surviving children together, Verity, Francis and Charles, Claude and Robert Poldark who died young.[1]

Joshua wed Grace Vennor and had two children with her, Ross Vennor and Claude Anthony Poldark. Claude died when he was 7.[1]

1780s - 1800s

Verity married Andrew Blamey and had one child with him. Ross eventually became engaged to Elizabeth Chynoweth. In 1780, Ross Poldark was arrested for brawling. He made the choice to join the British Army to escape execution, and fought in the Revolutionary War. Francis later married Elizabeth instead and had one child, Geoffrey Charles Poldark with her in 1784.[1]

Ross came back home in 1783, by which point Joshua had died. Joshua had left his estate, Nampara, in ruin and he began to pick up the pieces. Ross married Demelza Carne in 1787 and they went on to have five children, four of which survived infancy: Julia (1788-1790), Jeremy (1791-1815), Clowance (1794 -), Isabella-Rose (1802 - ) and Henry Poldark (1812 - ).[1]

Ross soon set up a new mining venture, Wheal Leisure which was initially successful. Francis had very little flair for his own family's mining business. When Charles William Poldark died in 1786[1], Francis eventually left his business in debt. Ross was ruined by George Warleggan. Tragedy then struck the family when a sickness took the life of young Julia in 1790.[1]

Deciding to set up their own mining venture free of George, Ross and Francis went into business together and created Wheal Grace. Further tragedy hit the family when Francis was found drowned at Wheal Grace. George Warleggan then tried to ruin Ross again, and Wheal Grace was almost closed. When copper was finally found at Wheal Grace, it kept the mine going for a bit more time, but eventually it had to be closed.

With the death of Francis, the young Geoffrey Charles inherited Trenwith. However, being so young, his mother Elizabeth was entrusted with it until he came of age but they were eventually heading to financial ruin. She then married George Warleggan, who took up residence with her at Trenwith and played a part in the running of the household. Elizabeth had a second child, Valentine Warleggan but the child's true father was Ross.

1810s - 1820

Family Tree

Charles Vivian Raffe Poldarque
1667 - 1708
Anna Maria Trenwith
1680 - 1758
Agatha Poldark
1697 - 1795
Claude Henry Poldark
1698 - 1748
Matilda Ellen Peter
1699 - 1756
Mary Ellen Poldark
died young
Robert Poldark
died young
Maria Poldark
1717 - 1779
Alfred Rupert Johns
1719 - 1781
Charles William Poldark
1719 - 1787
Verity Michell
1740 - 1773
Joshua Poldark
1724 - 1783
Grace Vennor
1740 - 1770
William Alfred Johns
1744 -
Dorothy Grenville
Claude Anthony Poldark
1764 - 1771
Many children
Verity Poldark
1758 -
Andrew Blamey
1748 -
Francis Poldark
1760 - 1792
Elizabeth Chynoweth
1764 - 1799
Ross Poldark
1760 -
Demelza Carne
1770 -
Andrew Blamey
1793 -
Amadora de Bertendona
Geoffrey Charles Poldark
1784 -
Valentine Warleggan
1794 -
Selina Pope
Juana Poldark
1814 -
Georgie Warleggan
1818 -
Julia Poldark
1788 - 1790
Jeremy Poldark
1791 - 1815
Cuby Trevanion
Henry Poldark
1812 -
Noelle Poldark
1815 -
Bella Poldark
1802 -
Christopher Havergal
Stephen Carrington
? - 1815
Clowance Poldark
1794 -
Edward Fitzmaurice

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