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Raymond "Ray" Penvenen was a powerful and very wealthy Cornish landowner, and uncle to Caroline Penvenen. He had no children, and adopted the orphaned Caroline in the hope she would one day inherit the fortune.


Earlier life

Ray Penvenen was Cornish landed gentry and through that, he became a very wealthy landowner. He never married and had no children, and therefore he was a bachelor.[1]

He had a niece, Caroline Penvenen who became orphaned, and he adopted her and raised her because he intended for her to inherit the family fortune.[1]

Caroline's prospects

He hoped to find a suitable marriage for Caroline. He favoured a marriage to a prospective MP, Unwin Trevaunance.[1] However, Caroline fell in love with a doctor, Dwight Enys and Ray was not fond of the match, since he hoped she would marry a man higher up in society.

He forbade Caroline from spending any time with Dwight, but they continued to meet up and eventually planned to elope. Caroline snuck out one evening to meet Dwight, but he never showed up because he was delayed by a sinking ship at the beach. Caroline then went back to Ray, and they left in the morning. She never came back for many months, and in that time Ray passed away. Caroline eventually made a home in Cornwall, and married Dwight.

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