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Series 4 of Poldark premiered on 10 June 2018. It was based on two novels in the series, the final part of The Four Swans and the complete book of The Angry Tide.


Set from 1793 to 1799, Ross Poldark takes a seat of power at Westminister. He and Demelza Poldark attempt to work through a marriage of infidelity, following both Ross's affair with Elizabeth Warleggan and Demelza's with Hugh Armitage.

Heartbreak continued for other characters in Cornwall, with a broken and abused Morwenna attempting to make the Warleggans pay for forcing her into marriage. Drake Carne loved Morwenna even by then, but she declined another offer to be with him.

Caroline and Dwight Enys are content with married life and decide to have a child, but their daughter, Sarah Enys, was born with a heart defect and passed away, leaving them both devastated. Caroline becomes colder and spends time away from Dwight helping Ross in London.

Cornwall faces a fight under Warleggan power, as George continued to make moves to manipulate them and spite Ross. He bankrupts a local bank but Ross unites the locals in saving the day and taking power back from them. Elizabeth and George are happy with their life together, and he now accepts Valentine as a son, but Elizabeth takes her next pregnancy to be another opportunity to "prove" that every child she will bear for George would be born at eight months.






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