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Tom Carne was the father of Demelza Poldark, Samuel Carne, Drake Carne, Luke Carne, William Carne, John Carne and Robert Carne.

Tom was once a drunk man, but turned it around with the help of his second wife, Nellie Carne, and became very loyal to God.

Unfortunately for Tom, his daughter Demelza Poldark wanted nothing to do with him after she moved out, because he was cruel to her would regularly beat her when she was younger. Tom eventually passed away, watched by his sons Samuel Carne and Drake Carne, whom he wished to "go out into the world to save souls" by giving them "the word."


Tom was once an alcoholic who would beat Demelza, who looked after him when he was under the influence of drink. She eventually found an opportunity to run away from home and become a scullery maid for Ross Poldark at Nampara. Unhappy and thinking Ross had seduced Demelza, Tom gathered some men from Illugen and went to confront him. However, he was defeated and had to leave in shame, telling Demelza he would be back for her.

He came back and was once again unsuccessful at persuading Demelza to come home. By then, he had changed, married again and was now sober. Demelza married Ross and had a daughter with him, Julia Poldark, but he made a scene at the christening and embarrassed Demelza. He eventually became unwell and was looked after by his son Samuel Carne, but Tom passed away.

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