Tristan Sturrock is an English actor who portrays Zacky Martin in the 2015 BBC adaptation of Poldark.

Early Life

Sturrock was born and raised in Upton Cross, a small town in Cornwall, England.[1]


Sturrock's career began in theatre in 1986 when he joined the international touring theatre group, Truro-based Kneehigh Theatre.[1]

Throughout his stage career, he has performed on Broadway, the West End and the National Theatre having starred in productions such as Brief Encounter, A Matter of Life and Death, Tristan and Yseult and Windfall.[1]

Sturrock started to appear on television in 1996, with roles in shows such as The Adventures of Robin Hood. Since 2015, Sturrock has starred as Zacky Martin in the BBC adaptation of Poldark.[1]

Sturrock is also the co-artistic director at the Theatre Damfino where he has worked and performed many shows with the company, one in particular was the autobiographical piece which he wrote and performed; a solo project, Mayday, Mayday, which was based on the true events of an accident in which he suffered a broken neck and the months which took him to recover. The basis of the play was to raise awareness for spinal injury charity, Aspire. His performance for Mayday, Mayday has earned him an International Fringe Review Award.[1]

Personal Life

Sturrock is married to actress Katy Carmichael with who he has a son and two daughters.[1]

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